Body Wash, hand cleaning, Hand Soap

Importance of Body and Hand Wash for Family Health

God has bestowed the gift of intelligence to humans. Hence they are able to take better care of themselves. A basic element of this self-care is the ability to practice the best possible level of personal hygiene. The market today offers the best of body-wash and personal hygiene products ā€“ the choice remains with us as to whether we are able to make use of them.dettol india1

The concept of hygiene can be viewed in various aspects. It can be easily observed that more developed cultures and countries across the world are more hygiene-conscious. I often feel surprised to see that this difference exists not only across countries, but even across cities within a country, and within areas within a city. In the city that I live in, I feel amazed to see a difference between how people living in south look towards hygiene so differently from those living in west or east of the city.

Another major factor is that of financial level. Across the world, it can be observed that citizens of richer nations are typically cleaner and more hygiene-aware than their counterparts in poorer nations. This is understandable as the richer nation dwellers have better access to hygiene products such as body wash solutions and hand-wash liquids and sanitizers. Since the people in poor nations have a challenge of basic needs such akitcken soapss hunger and clothing, it automatically means that they do not even have the luxury to consider factors like personal hygiene.

However there is a factor that creates difference across segments within the same city or country ā€“ Education. The thumb rule is that more educated an individual is, more hygiene conscious he/she is. In fact, it is a basic role of education to make us aware of things that are important to our health and welfare.

No matter how impressive or expensive our attire is, we can make a good impression upon others only if are clean and well-maintained. Personal hygiene is something that is loudly expressive and visible. It makes us appear as more educated and refined to others. Schools and parents can play a major role in inculcating this basic understanding among young students. While it often gets ignored in media hype about good looks and fashionable attire, the fact is that taking good care of hygiene is the most basic step that we can take towards becoming civilized human beings and impressive members of the global society.


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