Need and Advantages of Proper Hand Cleaning

Everybody wants to live a healthy lifestyle. But Cleanliness is the key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the quality hygiene products is very necessary as personal hygiene affects how regularly you fall sick. Thoroughly cleaning your hands is the most important way to reduce the spread of germs. Nothing works as effective as washing your hands thoroughly. Home is the most important place where germs spread the fastest. This is due to the fact that people do not consciously think to regularly wash their hands at home. They are in and out a lot and kids tend to pick up everything they see. This makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. If you have a bottle handy in your house, your family can get in a habit of using it regularly throughout the day.

You must wash your hands for below works:

  • After you visit the washroom.
  • Before eating any thing
  • After taking out garbage.
  • After you touch cuts, boil, etc
  • After handling fish or poultry.
  • After blowing your nose, handling dirty items.

hand cleaning tips

Proper Hand Washing Techniques are given below:

  • Use warm water
  • Use a mild soap
  • Work up a good lather, all the way up to your wrists, for at least 10 or 15 seconds
  • Make sure you cover all surfaces, including the backs of your hands
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water

Wash your hands with best type of soap or liquid soap. Brush removes far more germs than ordinary washing. For kids, liquid soap is the smart choice as kids can use it without much needed help. But whichever soap you choose, the most important thing will be fighting germs. However there are some places where you realized that hand washing is not always possible so you should look for using hand sanitizing lotions for Effective Hand Cleaning.


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