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Avoid Infections, Stay Healthy at Office-Detol India

Avoid Infections, Stay Healthy at Office-Detol India

It is interesting to note that most of the office employees actually spend more time at office than they do at home. So it’s important to ensure that we get a safe and healthy atmosphere at office to remain productive and at our best.

However, it is often observed that most business owners do not give enough importance to this aspect. As a result, the office buildings are not health-friendly places. Even employees themselves can help create that level of sensitivity in their respective offices so that the right policies and systems are adopted for the welfare of employees.dettol india12

First and foremost, care must be taken to ensure basic cleanliness at office. Depute responsible janitors and purchase high quality vacuum cleaners. You may even go for robotic cleaners if your budget allows. Dust and germs can accumulate in the most unexpected places like printers, door knobs, chairs and desks etc. It is important to use disinfectants at offices since the risk of germ-spreading is high.

At washrooms, while most offices have the facility of liquid handwash, yet very few have woken up to the use of automated soap dispensers, also known as1610779_825607587471796_984710731475523395_n. Despite the cost of deployment, the no-touch system is excellent in preventing the spread of common bacteria and germs. It also provides cost benefits as a pre-fixed soap quantity is dispensed each time. It also provides a more sophisticated look to the washroom.

Equally important is the aspect of air circulation. The air-conditioning at office must also address the issue of proper air circulation. If stale air remains at office, the chances of germs spreading are very high. The replacement of air with fresh air from outside is an affective means of ensuring healthy environment at office.

There are things that we can do on an individual level too to avoid the risk of common infections at office. A simple step in this direction is to keep a hand sanitizer on your desk at all times. You can sanitize your hands when you reach out for a small snack while sitting on your desk, or even after you touch your shoes or such objects. This small investment can go a long way in keeping you free of infections. Ensure that your hand sanitizer is from a good brand and preferably alcohol free.

Since we spend most of our waking hours at office, it is important to ensure that our work place is safe and healthy. Such good practices will ensure higher efficiency levels across employees.

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Importance of Body and Hand Wash for Family Health

God has bestowed the gift of intelligence to humans. Hence they are able to take better care of themselves. A basic element of this self-care is the ability to practice the best possible level of personal hygiene. The market today offers the best of body-wash and personal hygiene products – the choice remains with us as to whether we are able to make use of them.dettol india1

The concept of hygiene can be viewed in various aspects. It can be easily observed that more developed cultures and countries across the world are more hygiene-conscious. I often feel surprised to see that this difference exists not only across countries, but even across cities within a country, and within areas within a city. In the city that I live in, I feel amazed to see a difference between how people living in south look towards hygiene so differently from those living in west or east of the city.

Another major factor is that of financial level. Across the world, it can be observed that citizens of richer nations are typically cleaner and more hygiene-aware than their counterparts in poorer nations. This is understandable as the richer nation dwellers have better access to hygiene products such as body wash solutions and hand-wash liquids and sanitizers. Since the people in poor nations have a challenge of basic needs such akitcken soapss hunger and clothing, it automatically means that they do not even have the luxury to consider factors like personal hygiene.

However there is a factor that creates difference across segments within the same city or country – Education. The thumb rule is that more educated an individual is, more hygiene conscious he/she is. In fact, it is a basic role of education to make us aware of things that are important to our health and welfare.

No matter how impressive or expensive our attire is, we can make a good impression upon others only if are clean and well-maintained. Personal hygiene is something that is loudly expressive and visible. It makes us appear as more educated and refined to others. Schools and parents can play a major role in inculcating this basic understanding among young students. While it often gets ignored in media hype about good looks and fashionable attire, the fact is that taking good care of hygiene is the most basic step that we can take towards becoming civilized human beings and impressive members of the global society.

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Are You Clean Enough to Impress?

hand clean tipesDo you remember how you used to be punished at school for keeping long nails or not maintaining personal hygiene? Most of us think that personal hygiene is important only as kids but it’s not true. In fact, at any age of life, personal hygiene is what shows you in a positive light.

When we follow the right tips for personal hygiene, and complement the same with good attire, the positive effect shows up in no time. There is a certain feel and aura about keeping yourself clean and fresh. You can get better results if you use specialized body wash products. The best part of the retail scene today is that you get an enormous variety of body wash solutions made of natural ingredients and herbal elements in stores today. You can take a pick based on your preferred fragrance. You may also choose the right body wash based on the natural ingredient that best suits your skin type.

Apart from basic cleanliness, it is also important to keep your hair cut and tidy at all times. Use a good quality gel to keep your hair in shape as your face & head convey the first impression when it comes to looks. Here again, choose the best quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and well groomed.

To add further to your personal impact, you can use body fresheners and fragrances. You will find myriad options of fragrances offered by various brands. Select a fragrance that is strong or mild as per the circle you move in and the situations you are mostly into. You should also base your choice on the kind of personality and attire that you carry – for example, is it formal, casual, sporty, etc.

No matter how much the times change hand cleanliness is and has always been the right approach to follow. Follow the right tips for personal hygiene and look your best always!

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Why Hand Cleaning at Office is so Important

Gone are the days when you could have an ill-maintained office and yet do good business. Nowadays there is increased pressure on business owners to keep their office in good shape. This is important not only from the perspective of clients and visitors, but also employees.

Since employees spend considerable time at office, the cleanliness and amenities at office do affect them a lot indeed. It is now a well known fact that the office needs to be adequately comfortable and welcoming for the employees to be able to work efficiently.



So how do you go about making your office state-of-the-art? Is it just about interiors and amenities? Is it just about high spending? The fact is that to make a good office, you need insight and good ideas. You need to be sensitive to the tastes and requirements of your office. If you follow the right approach, you can create a smart and efficient office by not investing any high amount.

Start with the basics. Sort out the clutter and set things in order. Wage a war against littering. Instill the basic discipline amongst the employees that they must contribute to a neater and cleaner office.

The next important step is hygiene. Ensure that all washrooms work perfectly and that they are adequately stocked with consumables. Use high quality hand wash liquids and if possible deploy automatic dispensers for them. They not only improve hygiene but also help avoid wastage. Care must be taken while choosing the right hand cleaning liquid for your office. While it should be affordable, it should yet be of good anti-bacterial quality and with pleasant fragrance. These little things too go a long way in improving employee morale. In fact, if your budget allows, you may even go for automatic soap foam dispensers that are very convenient for the employees.

When it comes to offices, the functional element is most important. From this perspective, it is very important that the rooms and cabins are sequenced as per the importance of department and work team. The equipment too must be set up keeping in mind its criticality and use.

The important thing to understand is that having an efficient office is not about high capital expenses. It is about being wise and considerate about the fundamentals of office productivity and being sensitive to the requirements of your employees. Maintain a culture of openness wherein your employees can freely voice their opinions on what further changes they want in their office.

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Use Hand Sanitizer For Good Health

You may have observed that there are people who fall ill very often. In fact, you may also find that in some families, it is common to see people suffering from common cold and other such ailments on a regular basis. Not many people realize that there are some simple steps that can be followed to shield yourself from common ailments.

Maintaining basic hygiene is the basic step towards keeping good health. Take a shower regularly. The frequency of shower depends on your working conditions and the climate you live in. For instance, if you have a job with high level of physical activity, you may need to bath twice to maintain body hygiene. Similarly, people living in hot and wet weather conditions are advised to bath 2-3 times daily with a quality body wash.

The next simple step is to ensure a thorough hand wash before meals and each time that germs are suspected. Needless to say, the hand wash liquid you use should be of high quality. Equally important is the time you spend during hand wash. Instead of treating it like a mere formality, the hand wash activity must be given adequate importance and attention.

Fortunately for those who are frequently on the move, hand sanitizers are a great option to maintain hygiene. You get sanitizers in all varieties of packaging including a tiny one that you can keep in your pocket, a sleek one that you can keep in you car, and a big bottle with dispenser that you can keep on your office desk. It is a very useful product for instances when you don’t have the time or option for a proper hand wash.

When it comes to clothes, we often do not realize that they often contain hidden germs and bacteria that can potentially cause us harm. So don’t wait for visible dirt to arrive. Wash your clothes frequently, especially towels and hankies. You may also like to add special additives to your washing machine to ensure a thorough wash.

Maintaining basic hygiene and health is not a challenge. All you need to do is follow simple steps and a change in your regular lifestyle.hand sanitizer


Need and Advantages of Proper Hand Cleaning

Everybody wants to live a healthy lifestyle. But Cleanliness is the key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the quality hygiene products is very necessary as personal hygiene affects how regularly you fall sick. Thoroughly cleaning your hands is the most important way to reduce the spread of germs. Nothing works as effective as washing your hands thoroughly. Home is the most important place where germs spread the fastest. This is due to the fact that people do not consciously think to regularly wash their hands at home. They are in and out a lot and kids tend to pick up everything they see. This makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. If you have a bottle handy in your house, your family can get in a habit of using it regularly throughout the day.

You must wash your hands for below works:

  • After you visit the washroom.
  • Before eating any thing
  • After taking out garbage.
  • After you touch cuts, boil, etc
  • After handling fish or poultry.
  • After blowing your nose, handling dirty items.

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Proper Hand Washing Techniques are given below:

  • Use warm water
  • Use a mild soap
  • Work up a good lather, all the way up to your wrists, for at least 10 or 15 seconds
  • Make sure you cover all surfaces, including the backs of your hands
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water

Wash your hands with best type of soap or liquid soap. Brush removes far more germs than ordinary washing. For kids, liquid soap is the smart choice as kids can use it without much needed help. But whichever soap you choose, the most important thing will be fighting germs. However there are some places where you realized that hand washing is not always possible so you should look for using hand sanitizing lotions for Effective Hand Cleaning.